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Do all municipalities accept timber-frame constructions?

A Rustic Home has never been turned down by any municipality or regional authority. In fact, time after time, authorities have welcomed our homes on aesthetic grounds. In certain instances the design criteria of an area may be exclusive to either timber or brick construction, in which case one should read the architectural guidelines.

How durable are timber-built homes?

In South Africa there are many examples of timber homes built more than a century ago (in Europe read 500 years and more). Thanks to modern timber treatments a Rustic Home will last indefinitely. All our structural timber is treated against termite infestation and fungal attack.

What about fire rating?

The CSIR and SABS have set a Code of Practice for timber-frame building (SABS 082). Timber homes have to meet the same stringent fire rating standards set for brick-built homes. Because we use 9mm ceiling board, the fire rating of a Rustic Home exceeds that of many ‘conventional’ homes with ceilings of only 6mm.

What about difficult sites?

Timber homes are particularly adaptable for tricky sites which require higher foundations as they are easily suspended at surprisingly little cost. The Rustic Homes system is also ideal for isolated, hard to reach sites. The wall structures are pre-made and so on-site construction is relatively simple once the foundations are in place.

What about insulation?

Heat? Timber is a superior insulating material. We also insulate external walls and all ceilings. The result: a home that is cool in summer, snug in winter. Noise? With soundproofed partitions, a timber-built construction can achieve a superior decibel rating than that of double brick. Rustic Homes also offer the option of an insulated timber floor. We are always striving to improve our product. Some improvements come at a marginally extra cost and are not a priority for all of our clients. These are offered as optional extras.

Will Rustic Homes build my own design?

Yes. Rustic Homes Design Team will consult with you on your design. A small fee is charged for sketch plans.

Any hidden costs?

In our Quotation we give a comprehensive breakdown of the cost of all items included. Costs which are for the client’s own account are as follows:

  • Bond and transfer costs
  • Telephone connection
  • Electrical appliances and light fittings
  • Water and sewerage connection
  • Electrical connection and cable
  • Plan scrutiny fee (paid to local authority)
  • Excavations and retaining walls where necessary
  • Engineer’s fee
  • NHBRC fee

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