Building up to a standard; not down to a price

As the company that pioneered the design and construction of timber houses in our country, Rustic Homes is firmly established as the leading player. Timber home building is not new to South Africa although in recent history it was limited to a few unimaginative options. This all changed with the advent of Rustic Homes.

“In an industry which never quite achieved a consumer breakthrough, it was the style of Rustic Homes that in the late ’80s finally captured the imagination of the South African market.” So said John Mortimer, former SALMA Executive Director and Dean of the Faculty of Forestry, Stellenbosch.

The inspiration behind the establishment of Rustic Homes came from an historical connection. Pieter Silberbauer, co-founder of the company with Clive Joseph, spent many of his school holidays at his great-grandmother’s beautiful timber home, ‘Redlands’ built in 1864, and at his grandparents’ home, ‘Rheenendal’.

Each homestead is located on either side of the Homtini Pass in the spectacular hinterland of Knysna. Pieter’s grandfather, Pieter van Reenen, ran the long established, family-owned sawmill, P.J. van Reenen Pty Ltd.

Pieter Silberbauer was fascinated by the wealth of timber structures in the area and how the ‘Redlands’ homestead captivated the imagination of all who visited it. Pieter wondered why the ‘modern day’ timber homes of the ’60s and ’70s lacked the charm of these beautiful structures from a bygone era.

After attaining a BSc in Wood Science and, after completing a two year stint in Australia, where timber construction is the norm, Pieter returned to South Africa with the firm commitment to change things.

Redlands, a beautiful timber home built in 1864 and the inspiration behind Rustic Homes.

Today Rustic Homes has a new owner, Werner Slabbert, who comes with over 20 years of experience in building timber homes. With excessive experience and great passion Rustic Homes will continue to achieve success and do the great work that it was set out to do.


Our Team

Skills and experience in a long-established, stable team

Skills and experience in a long-established, stable team

Timber has revolutionised home building in South Africa. And it all began at Rustic Homes. To have achieved this has demanded a commitment to building homes of the highest quality, and also to building our people.

From Day One back in the eighties we have provided a dynamic and interesting working environment with growth opportunities for all in a unique workplace at home in the natural beauty of the landscape, and in harmony with the life of the local community.

Here, surrounded by mountains and forest, you will meet craftsmen who are passionate about building homes that people love to live in, and people in both our front and back offices who will share in the joy and excitement you will experience from the day we meet to plan your Rustic Home to the day we hand you the key.

Rustic Homes is based on a history of great management, first led by Pieter Silberbauer and Johannes Mathewson, and now by Werner Slabbert. The Rustic Homes team has a great understanding of the needs and goals of all who work here. Pieter and Johannes with the rest of the team has made a great contribution to the great success of the business and now Werner will continue the legacy with the Rustic Homes team.

Our Factory

Our new owner Werner Slabbert understands that building a home is a major step, but if you are about to take that step then you want to turn to him and the team at Rustic Homes.

Werner’s passion for Timber Framed Homes has led him to be extensively involved in the Timber frame industry in South Africa. With the new knowledge and experience he has brought to Rustic Homes’ team great things are bound to happen.

If you build your home with Rustic homes all your questions will be answered at the Rustic Homes experience. No other builder offers anything like it.

If you build your home with Rustic homes all your questions will be answered at the Rustic Homes experience. No other builder offers anything like it.