When we met Pieter and his magnificent team at Rustic Homes, we knew Rustic Homes was the only way to build our home. We were guided confidently and gently from design to costing and through to ‘completion’. I say ‘completion’ because when we thought our home was perfect, Peter and his team would return to add additional layers of paint on exterior walls. To touch up on a loose window latch or just to call and ask if we were happy. Even before furniture was added, our friends said our house already felt like home. Attention to detail is Pieter’s calling card and his ethical and loving approach to building homes, not houses; is his legacy. Early on in the build before the roof was added, we experienced extremely strong gail force winds. The structure looked like it would not stand up to these winds. His team raced over to the farm on the Sunday to check that all was ok. Although our young vines were damaged and a few trees had fallen down, our yet completed home was untouched. We knew then that our house would stand solidly under any conditions. A full year after we had moved in, our farm was engulfed in flames from one of the biggest fires ever experienced in the Helderberg. We were sure our home would be raised to the ground as it was directly in the line of the fire. On our farm we lost two houses, most of our large trees and a few hectares of vines. Our water supply was also gone as our water pipes had melted. Our home somehow, was not damaged at all. Our garden was burnt. Our trees and orchards surrounding our house were burnt. But not our Rustic Home. Peter was one of the first people to call us asking if we were ok. He immediately dispatched a water tanker and a team to come and hose down the ash from our house – at no charge. There were these and many other acts of kindness that Peter and his team performed for us that went beyond the scope of the project. We were deeply touched by his care and generosity and will always be grateful to Rustic Homes for giving us our home and more.

– Newton King