We have always admired the Rustic Homes in our area (Pringle Bay), and when the opportunity to acquire one arose, we did so. The original house was built as a holiday home and we had the intention to move in permanently, so alterations were needed. We got Bobby Wellman to do the design , with a little help from ourselves. We got a number of quotes, however secretly knowing that we would like the original builders of the house to do the alterations. After considering and meeting with the builders, the decision to go with Rustic Homes was an easy one. Werner Slabbert (owner of Rustic Homes) friendly demeanour, years of experience in timber construction, as well as the very experienced staff he had, all convinced us to invest with them.

This was our first experience in renovating a home, with a limited budget, as well as a very specific time frame. We embarked on the project -what a pleasure it was, we felt part of the project from the start, the staff as well as Werner went out of their way to keep us informed of progress and timelines. No request we had was turned down, hanging pictures etc, not part of the job specs was carried out without complaint and added to the feeling we had of getting more than what we had bargained for.

We are happily living in our renovated home, very pleased with the result and investment made, slightly over budget because of practical suggestions made by Werner that have added to the properties value and that needed to be addressed anyway i.e. replacement of existing roof, gutters etc.

We would not hesitate in recommending the Rustic Home team for new builds or renovations, it has been a pleasure working with them. Truly master builders who deliver a quality timber home.

Contact details can be obtained from Rustic Homes if reference required.