A WELCOME TO ETERNITY.….And what seems like all of a sudden, she is standing there proudly ……… vision to reality, manifestation at its best.  There was a time that she had to be put on hold, and I honestly thought it would not be possible to create this place.  Then the vision kept on popping into my head, relentlessly tapping at my soul …….  “This needs to happen, you need to do this, Denise, it is part of your purpose and there is no getting away from this.”

And so it is ………

Denise Levy, Yzerfontein, 2023 2

ETERNITY, a space created with love for all those who need to feel nurtured, loved and cherished. A place for deep sharing of wisdom and knowledge, for connection, and for those who come bearing gifts for the world to feel supported and held as they weave their magic to help others heal. A place for rejuvenation and retreating from the world to restore well-being and vitality. A place to celebrate love and the union of two souls pledging a life together. A space to dig deep and to tap into your creativity – to paint, to write, to capture the everchanging light. A place to envision the future for your company and build trust and understanding amongst your team. A place to relax, unwind and enjoy specially curated meals that are prepared with love and care to balance and energize the body.
A place to refresh your soul – time out from the world to breathe, to hone your vision of the future you deserve and to learn how to live consciously and with clear intention.

Denise Levy, Yzerfontein, 2023 1

Werner Slabbert, from Rustic Homes – you are an angel. Thank you for your patience, your attention to detail, your care and pride in all that you do. You are a master conductor– calling in the players to use their instruments in the perfect timing to create a magnificent symphony. We have built together several times now, and you are an absolute pleasure to work with. Ever warm and caring, leading your team with a firm hand, which I know is not always easy. Endless calls back and forth to me in Italy to finalize the details as you carried on here without me for most of the project. Clear, concise communication. You are amazing, just amazing, and the words “thank you” seem so small for the magnificence of this creation. This may just be our last project together, Werner …… but then again, who knows!?!

Jacques Cronje, my architect, you understood the brief from the get-go, and were happy to work a plan off my child like hand drawn vision as I sent you images of the pictures in my mind. You added huge input and value to the project and it was great to work with you. Thank you, Jacques, for your understanding of what I wanted and of making it work. Eternity just flows and my heart sings as I walk from room to room, loud music filling the space – as I dance barefoot on the floors, feeling the pulse of the place, hoping that no one is watching. I am so full of joy, I cannot describe it.

Denise Levy, Yzerfontein, 2023 3