Rustic homes under the leadership of Werner Slabbert built our beautiful home in 2022.

During this entire process which can be stressful, Werner and his team were always friendly and efficient, with regular site meetings and feedback. Even with challenges such as load shedding or the water not connected yet, they went the extra mile to get the job done.

No matter the circumstances, Werner and the team were always friendly and helpful. The site was always neat and tidy, jobs were done on schedule and all unforeseen challenges were well communicated and where possible, came up with alternative solutions.

The work was done on time without substituting quality and workmanship. After completion Werner and the team are always willing to come out to deal with minor snags or unforeseen challenges.

We are very happy with our new home and can recommend Rustic Homes as a reliable honest company that are experts in their field.

André Rossouw

As an architect, having designed several homes for Rustic Homes’ clients, I am very happy to recommend them. On each of their projects I’ve been involved with they’ve shown dedication, attention to detail and completed the projects on time.

Jacques Cronje (Architect)

A WELCOME TO ETERNITY.….And what seems like all of a sudden, she is standing there proudly ……… vision to reality, manifestation at its best.  There was a time that she had to be put on hold, and I honestly thought it would not be possible to create this place.  Then the vision kept on popping into my head, relentlessly tapping at my soul …….  “This needs to happen, you need to do this, Denise, it is part of your purpose and there is no getting away from this.”

And so it is ………

Denise Levy, Yzerfontein, 2023 2

ETERNITY, a space created with love for all those who need to feel nurtured, loved and cherished. A place for deep sharing of wisdom and knowledge, for connection, and for those who come bearing gifts for the world to feel supported and held as they weave their magic to help others heal. A place for rejuvenation and retreating from the world to restore well-being and vitality. A place to celebrate love and the union of two souls pledging a life together. A space to dig deep and to tap into your creativity – to paint, to write, to capture the everchanging light. A place to envision the future for your company and build trust and understanding amongst your team. A place to relax, unwind and enjoy specially curated meals that are prepared with love and care to balance and energize the body.
A place to refresh your soul – time out from the world to breathe, to hone your vision of the future you deserve and to learn how to live consciously and with clear intention.

Denise Levy, Yzerfontein, 2023 1

Werner Slabbert, from Rustic Homes – you are an angel. Thank you for your patience, your attention to detail, your care and pride in all that you do. You are a master conductor– calling in the players to use their instruments in the perfect timing to create a magnificent symphony. We have built together several times now, and you are an absolute pleasure to work with. Ever warm and caring, leading your team with a firm hand, which I know is not always easy. Endless calls back and forth to me in Italy to finalize the details as you carried on here without me for most of the project. Clear, concise communication. You are amazing, just amazing, and the words “thank you” seem so small for the magnificence of this creation. This may just be our last project together, Werner …… but then again, who knows!?!

Jacques Cronje, my architect, you understood the brief from the get-go, and were happy to work a plan off my child like hand drawn vision as I sent you images of the pictures in my mind. You added huge input and value to the project and it was great to work with you. Thank you, Jacques, for your understanding of what I wanted and of making it work. Eternity just flows and my heart sings as I walk from room to room, loud music filling the space – as I dance barefoot on the floors, feeling the pulse of the place, hoping that no one is watching. I am so full of joy, I cannot describe it.

Denise Levy, Yzerfontein, 2023 3

Denise Levy

Our experience with Werner of Rustic Homes as company owner and builder was absolutely incredible in these days and economic times. We handed our home building over to Werner in Cape Town for a variety of reasons:

  1. Werner had supervised an extension and addition to our home here in Johannesburg, and we were so happy with the results and thus confident in his ability to lead the project of our home in Cape Town.
  2. He listened to our budget and guided us on the best value for money. Builders in Cape Town unfortunately were out of our budget bracket.
  3. Werner had to completely manage the project for months at a time with very little feedback from us as we were in another city and very busy.
  4. All “hick-ups” were managed in an incredibly efficient and cost-friendly manner, and fabulous suggestions were made on finishes and functionality of the building.

It was smooth sailing all the way for us and every time we go to our home in Glencairn. I realise how utterly blessed we are to have had such a conscientious and caring builder. Werner gave us regular feedback during the progression of the building always going the extra mile to offset any setbacks. What was wonderful on top of all this, is that all our neighbours commented on how HAPPY his building team seemed to be! We also had help moving in, which was greatly appreciated and totally unexpected, as his team was basically finishing off.

We blew our lucky stars that we found Werner and his team to build our house in Cape Town.

Elena and Philippe Flaschner

I have always found building a home to be quite a stressful experience, but must admit that this one was as good as it gets:
All Rustic Homes staff that I interacted with were professional and courteous, and Werner himself was always available and intimately involved throughout. All deviations from original plans, budgets and timelines were mutually agreed upon.

I’ll gladly recommend Rustic Homes to anyone who’s interested.
You’re welcome to call me at 0836310303 to discuss further and/or arrange a visit to the building.

André Parker House 1

André Parker House 2

André Parker

Dearest Werner, we have just spent 2 weeks in Glencairn. Bless you for building such a wonderful house for us. I am grateful each time I come here. Everything is always fine 🙂. Just wanted to mention it this time.

Elena Flaschner

Rustic Homes built our house in 2019. After speaking to other timber frame construction companies in Cape Town, meeting and working with both Werner and Christelle was a pleasure. Werner as the company owner and builder was very knowledgeable, accommodating and reliable. We always felt that we were in good hands throughout the process. Christelle, the office manager was friendly and efficient, keeping us updated throughout and all the paperwork in order. Once the guys started on site, the work was done quickly and professionally and the team were friendly and tidy. Unlike all the building horror stories, Werner and his team produced great work and met the building deadline. At the end of the build we were very happy with the result and quality of the workmanship. Futhermore, any very minor snags were dealt with immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend Rustic Homes to anyone wanting a well built timber frame house.

Mark and Emily Bussac

We have always admired the Rustic Homes in our area(Pringle Bay), and when the opportunity to acquire one arose, we did so. The original house was built as a holiday home and we had the intention to move in permanently, so alterations were needed. We got Bobby Wellman to do the design , with a little help from ourselves. We got a number of quotes, however secretly knowing that we would like the original builders of the house to do the alterations. After considering and meeting with the builders, the decision to go with Rustic Homes was an easy one. Werner Slabbert (owner of Rustic Homes) friendly demeanour, years of experience in timber construction, as well as the very experienced staff he had, all convinced us to invest with them.

This was our first experience in renovating a home, with a limited budget, as well as a very specific time frame. We embarked on the project -what a pleasure it was, we felt part of the project from the start, the staff as well as Werner went out of their way to keep us informed of progress and timelines. No request we had was turned down, hanging pictures etc, not part of the job specs was carried out without complaint and added to the feeling we had of getting more than what we had bargained for.

We are happily living in our renovated home, very pleased with the result and investment made, slightly over budget because of practical suggestions made by Werner that have added to the properties value and that needed to be addressed anyway i.e. replacement of existing roof, gutters etc.

We would not hesitate in recommending the Rustic Home team for new builds or renovations, it has been a pleasure working with them. Truly master builders who deliver a quality timber home.

Stephen and Belinda Rabe