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Wooden House Finishes


We use timber, aluminium and, occasionally, PVC windows. Timber windows are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal and powder coated aluminium windows for their durability and hassle-free operation. We recommend aluminium windows and doors in harsh coastal conditions and high wind-driven rain areas.


Staircases in our homes are often more than just a means of getting from one floor to the next. By selecting a special timber or interesting railings, the staircase can be the focus of a room. A well fenestrated stairwell can be a feature of your home. We also build simple staircases that take you discretely between levels.

Fireplaces: built-in, freestanding, wood or gas fired

The most cost effective are wood burning, freestanding with closing doors. We use stainless steel flues with a heat shield and double flues through floors and roofs. We will recommend a reputable installer.

Gas or electric or both; it's your choice

Choose gas-fired appliances and heating... We work only with a registered gas installer.

Made in Germany - Rheinzink roofing

Rustic Homes was the first domestic home building company to use the Rheinzink Roof System in South Africa. This is the only roofing system with a lifetime guarantee. Rheinzink is just one of our roofing options.

Solar energy and efficiency

We have installed many solar electrical systems and ensure that the panel installation is neat and inconspicuous.