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How we work

Not just a wooden house

Rustic Homes have changed forever the South African perception of timber-built homes. Immediately you enter one you will understand why. Style and design are two unmistakable qualities which set a Rustic Home apart. However, it is also the superior materials we use and the craftsmanship seen in every detail which make a Rustic Home so manifestly better than other so-called 'wooden houses'.

The people who design your home, build your home, finish your home

Specialists who are passionate about building homes our clients love to live in. Designers who create timeless architecture in harmony with the landscape. Craftsmen fanatical about quality.

Building with rustic homes: a stress-free, happy and exciting experience

From our first meeting with you, gaining a full understanding of the home you have in mind, until the day you move in, our way of working eliminates stress. In short, here's what follows: our designer will present his ideas and, thereafter, an accurate impression of your home. It is at this stage that we submit a cost estimate for your approval. Should you choose to appoint your own architect, we will meet with you and your architect.

Putting you in the best possible position

Your input on site is vital in order to ensure that we exploit to the full the views, topography and all the possibilities afforded by the plot you took such care in choosing. While work begins on the foundations of your home, our factory will commence fabricating its superstructure. Once this is on site, our craftsmen, carpenters, joiners, painters, plumber and electrician will commence work and remain there until each task has been completed, checked and signed off. Regular site meetings with you will ensure that there are no hitches.

Moving in

Meticulous inspections are conducted at every stage of the build. When we hand you the keys of your new home, you can be sure that it is not only better built but the best timber-built home money can buy.