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Design and Technology

Setting the standard

From the outset it is necessary to point out that the material cost of a Rustic-built home is generally a little higher than that of the average timber-built home. Visit the site of a Rustic Home under construction and you will understand why: craftsmen never cut corners. As the people whose innovative thinking continues to set standards for the industry, we know what it takes to build a home that will withstand for many a lifetime everything our climate can throw at it.

Unique bracing

Our bracing system has set the standard for timber construction in this 'Cape of Storms'. We use plywood sheathing on all external walls, gables and internal supporting partitions. This sheathing material is glued and nailed into position before each frame leaves the factory, giving maximum strength to withstand the elements. This also doubles as a vapour barrier to the external walls. A moisture barrier overlays the exterior of the plywood to prevent any possible intrusion of outside moisture.


All external walls and flat ceilings are filled with bulk insulation. The entire roof space is shrouded in a heat-reflective aluminium foil which also acts as a vapour barrier within the roof space.

Space enhancing Flitch beams

We have adopted a system of flitch beam construction (timber/steel combination) which enables the spanning of greater distances without increasing the depth of the beam. These beams are also ideal for large door openings.